Jacket has front snaps, set in sleeves and collar that overlaps


Pants have a pull drawstring at the top and a belt at the waist.   The pants are taller at the waist because you don't want the wind getting in when you bend over.  The belt will tighten them securely.   If you wear your belt below your belly, then the belt of foam pants will be at your belt line..


  In one inch pants, there is a gusset in the crotch to eliminate 4 inches of seams coming together.  Drawstring at the top, and belt at the waist.

Snaps and lining.  Lining is a soft tricot that is slick to the skin and easy to slide into.  Zippers are not used as they fail in the cold and the last thing you want is for your jacket to not close properly,

Knees have extra room for bending and comfort when sitting.