Use a cloth tape measure.  Some guy used a metal tape and all measurements were wrong, nothing fit him properly.

Use inches not mm.

Measure snug, but not tight and measure over undies, as foam clothing is worn as underwear.  Over jeans or wallets will add several inches to your measurements.

Tie a string or cord around your waist (where you wear your belt)

Tie a string or cord under each armpit and tie it on your shoulder


Chest: measure around the fullest part of the chest,under the arms with the arms down to the side.

Women:  measure over the fullest part of the bust with your bra on.  Please tell me if you want the strap underneath your bust.

Shoulder Width:  Measure from edge of neck to tip of shoulder (to cord)

Back Width:  Measure from cord to cord (across back just below top of shoulder)

Arm Length:  Measure from tip of shoulder, (from cord ) arm bent to wrist.

Biceps:  Be buff and measure largest part.

Waist:  waist is usually a belly button line, if you wear your pants below belly, please tell me that. (Where the cord is)

Girth (stomach)  Measure at the fullest part of your belly 

Back Length  measure from bone at back of neck to your waist   (to the cord at your waist)

Hips (buttocks)  Measure around the fullest part of the hips/buttocks    (for women, it's about 9 inches below waistline)

Inseam:  Place top of measure tape at crotch, and measure down to ankle bone.

Crotch depth:  Measure from front waist underneath to back waist.

Thigh:  Measure largest part of thigh

Calf:   Measure largest part of calf

Knee:  Measure from crotch down inside leg to  middle of knee (this is where I'll add the extra for comfort in sitting)

Head:  Measure above eyebrows around bump of head  if you want a hat, also in notes, tell me color.

Mittens:  Draw hand on paper and mail to me.  If you make a pdf and email, also print 6" measurement so I know it comes exact size

Bed Boots:  Draw foot on paper and mail or email.


Click here to access chart to input your measurements and then email it back to me. I can't make the submit form add all the items.  It would be better for you to copy this page and just mail or email it to me.  Sorry.  I'm excellent with a sewing machine, but not so much with a computer.