Hats are made with a water repellent covering. 

They snap under the chin, and the bill is optional.

You can choose the color:  Maroon, Red, Navy, Royal, Camo, Forest, Pink, Orange

     Tan,  Brown

Bed boots are made with one inch sole and half inch sides.  The sole is slippery on hard surfaces, so you need slippers that fit with the boots on.

There is a strap to tighten around the ankle.

Stuf sacs are made from waterproof cordura which is what they use to make suitcases.
It has shoulder straps for carrying
Grommet and cord closure.  $25
Size is 11 inches diameter 36 inches high

There is an extra strap with snap lock for binding and condensing a foam piece to a smaller size for stuffing more easily.  $2 each