What if you were without heat for a couple of weeks or even for the entire winter.  How would you keep your family warm?

Foam clothes are an alternative to heating a home.  Foam clothes are custom made like an oreo cookie.  The soft lining on the inside, then foam which is the insulation, and then a layer of mesh that holds everything together.  Foam clothes are underwear.  The wind would blow right through the layers, so it is necessary that you wear some type of windbreaker over your foam clothes.

With a set of foam clothes,  pants and jacket, you can live at home all winter long without any heat in your home.

Half inch clothing is optimally  comfortable at temperatures of +10 degrees to + 40 degrees.

For an extended time in 1 degree to 60 degrees you will still be comfortable, however you should be sheltered about 60% of the time.

I am no longer making one inch foam clothes.

Of course, a hat and mittens are necessary, as your head releases a lot of your heat.  By keeping top of your head to the middle of your thighs warm, even your hands and feet will stay relatively warm.  But your body will use the heat in your arms and legs to keep your core warm, so if you want warm hands and feet, first take care of your head to thighs.  It's been said, if your feet are cold, put on a hat!


I make clothes according to the way that Jim Philllips requires.  See his website:  http://www.jimsway.com/atjs1.html


It is moisture handling (taking body moisture out to the cold)  that keeps you warm--not necessarily the thickness.


It is difficult for me to make this website do the things I want it to.   It would be much better for you to call me, so we could talk and I can give you enough information that you feel comfortable with the knowledge about foam clothes.   Read about how foam clothes are made, click on the label at the top, and then we can talk.  I look forward to visiting with you.